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Fine Arts Academy

FAA Nutcracker
FAA Nutcracker
FAA Nutcracker
FAA Nutcracker

The Fine Arts Academy is a kindergarten through sixth grade campus that offers Theatre, Art, Music, Choir, Band, Dance and Media in addition to the core academic classes.

Kindergarten students participate in Art or Music daily, and first through fourth graders attend Art, Drama and Music through a daily rotation, diving deeper into the fundamentals of the arts every year. 

Fifth and sixth graders select their electives each year, choosing from Art, Band, Choir, Media or Theater, allowing students to begin focusing on their fine arts of choice. 

This year, all students participated in the school-wide performance of the “Nutcracker.” And, more than 50 third through sixth graders auditioned for a variety of roles in FAA’s production of “The Lion King Kids” during the spring semester. 

Every Friday is Fine Arts Friday at FAA, in which every grade level creates themed art projects (i.e. animals, authors, geography, etc.). The annual Fine Arts Academy Art Showcase highlights students’ talents, with student-created art throughout the school, and Band, Dance and Choir students performances.

Students work with a variety of mediums and study many artists to develop their own skills.

Music & Choir
Students learn how to sing and read music by playing games and using their bodies. The kindergarten through fourth grade Music classes and fifth and sixth grade Choir students perform in various concerts and performances throughout the school year to showcase what students are learning.

Students learn about the elements of production and the many roles needed for a successful show.

Fifth and sixth graders may participate in Beginner Band, and students may even compete in UIL band competitions in their second year. 

Fifth and sixth graders may also participate in PE or Dance in which they learn all types of dance styles. Students in Dance perform at FAA assemblies, pep rallies, and the Art Showcase in the spring.

The fifth and sixth grade media class offers students a different view of art focused on Graphic Design. Students explore online programs to create digital art for campus t-shirts and yearbook design.